[2023-03-23][V1] Added limits on order queries with startTime



Starting from March 23, when querying orders with the startTime filter, you will be required to set additional parameters, such as status, collection and signer.

Additionally, the startTime value has been limited to be at most seven days old. Any timestamp older than seven days will be rejected.

When querying for orders with a startTime you'll be required to add additional params, and the startTime value can be at most seven days old. Here are some examples:

/v1/orders?isOrderAsk=true&startTime=1679592437Invalid request

Missing additional params
/v1/orders?isOrderAsk=true&startTime=1678987634&status[]=VALIDInvalid request

Timestamp older than seven days
/v1/orders?isOrderAsk=true&startTime=1679592437&status[]=VALIDValid request

NOTE: The examples above are valid at the time of writing: 2023-03-23 17:45:00 UTC. In seven days from the time of writing, they will all be invalid requests due to the timestamp value.