[2023-06-27][V2] Added LooksRare Seaport orders endpoints



You will now be able to list NFTs on Seaport through LooksRare and earn gems and rewards on those listings too. We added 4 new endpoints to achieve this.

How does it work?

We've added support to create LooksRare orders based on Seaport.

To create a Seaport order, you can use the @opensea/seaport-js. Create the Seaport order and send it to our Public API using the POST v2/orders/seaport.

Use the GET v2/collections/seaport endpoint to check if a collection can make use of this.

You can see an example implementation for LooksRare Seaport orders in the recipes:


We've added a total of 4 new endpoints:

  • POST /v2/orders/seaport: To create LooksRare Seaport orders.
  • GET /v2/orders/seaport: To get LooksRare Seaport orders.
  • GET /v2/events/seaport: To get LooksRare Seaport events.
  • GET /v2/collections/seaport: To check if a collection is able to be traded using LooksRare Seaport.

For more details, check out the API reference:


If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can contact us via our Devs Discord.